PRC Laser implements a 5×13 table size influenced by a hands-on fabricator 

For over 30 years PRC is synonymous with CO2 laser resonator manufacturing.  PRC Laser is now a full-fledged laser cutting motion system builder, as well as a seller of machine components, such as its own machine controller called GLASS. 

PRC is grateful to point out that some of the best ideas came from customers. 

Two years after FABTECH 2019, PRC is still enjoying the realization of one idea. 


Remembering back on 21 consecutive FABTECH shows, many people walking around don’t realize that they are experts. They go to work every day, and then they have the chance to go to FABTECH and see some cool stuff. When you meet them, they can say the most interesting things.  Some observations are genius. 


The product tweak came in the form of a different cutting bed size.  The idea to increase the length of the bed came from a chat with a Midwest metal fabricator. 


The fabricator said, ‘I go out and see these expensive 6- by 12-ft. or 2- by 4-m machines, and you always see this beautiful 1-ft. strip of clean slats all the way down the machine because no one is using 6-ft. sheets. Everybody buys 4- to 5-ft.-wide sheets.’” 


In essence, the fabricator asked why he should pay for something he wasn’t going to use.  That comment resonated with the PRC Laser leadership team. 


As a result, PRC introduced its Falcon 5×13 Fiber laser cutting machine, joining its machine with a 5- by 10-ft. bed. (The machine designers decided to go with a 13-ft. bed instead of a 12-ft. bed so that it would be closer to 4 m, making it more appealing for customers around the world.) With its front-load capability, the Falcon maintains a smaller footprint, even with the 13-ft.-long bed, than other end-loading laser cutting machines. The footprint is particularly attractive to shops with limited square footage. 


The larger Falcon Fiber still features the original machine’s motion system with a centered overhead carriage  It’s not a cantilever or rear-driven system. The gantry is firm and balanced on the X-axis I-Beam. It’s truly a flying optic. 


If you were able to look at the motion system without the top of the enclosure being in the way, you would see a design reminiscent of a bird’s wings.  


Being good listeners paid off almost immediately for PRC Laser. The metal fabricator who suggested the longer cutting bed took possession of the first Falcon 5×13 Fiber Laser in September of 2020, exactly one year ago. 


Alain Porro 

PRC Laser Corporation 


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