PRC isn’t just chasing laser power but instead focusing on laser cutting systems for metal fabricators looking for something innovative, with a practical fit. 


One of these unique laser cutting machines by PRC Laser is trending in RFQ’s. 

The Apex 4×4 is now available with a 6000-Watt Fiber Laser to compliment the 450 Lbs. table weight capacity of the patent-pending vertical load, tilt-table. 


At FABTECH 2019, PRC Laser had its shuttle table near the aisle, so it could not run the table for safety reasons. Because of that, staff personnel had to load the sheet metal onto the cutting bed. That led to a brilliant idea that something should be designed to assist fabricators that have to manually load their material into their laser cutting machines. “Walter Wilson suggested that we design a tilt table,” “Jan Muys envisioned the idea, and marketing it with the words, ‘We have your back.’” 


A motorized tilt table is now part of the design for the Apex 4×4, a cabinet-style laser cutting machine with a 48- by 48-in. working area. If a laser operator wants to load a sheet, he hits a button and the table raises into position, like an easel used to support a painting. The operator gets a sheet from the teepee rack and grabs it vertically at the material’s Apex. 


The operator then places the sheet metal on a lip on the bottom of the tilted table. If he needs to move it into position, he can shimmy it on rollers on the table’s lip, so the material isn’t being dragged along a solid bottom. When the material is in place, the operator hits a button, and the table returns to its original horizontal position via a heavy-duty gear motor. 


The Apex is designed to appeal to niche market of metal fabricators from thin to thick material.  With a 450 Lbs. table capacity, the Apex can support thick plate to compliment the upgrade to 6000-Watts of cutting power.  The 3-axis servo-driven motion system is a high-speed helical drive with a rapid traverse of 3340 IPM. 


Likely candidates for this machine are shops that may be focused on waterjet or plasma cutting now and want to jump into fiber laser cutting without a $1 million investment or shops that don’t have a lot of room.  One of the latest requests is for clean-cutting Aluminum in smaller sheets sizes.  With material shortages and metal prices at a premium, the Apex 4×4 may just be an ideal fit indeed. 


Alain Porro 

PRC Laser Corporation 


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